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Allied Signage is proud to have had the opportunity to serve so many happy customers over the years.  We want to hear from you!  Please leave a review on one of the following sites. We appreciate your feedback!

State College of Florida

“I was primary project manager on the IFB with day to day contact with Lynne Medlin, Clara Wasshem and Kim Rasmussen.  The $710,000 went off without a hitch and was more successful then a few of my $7,000 projects.”

City of Hackensack, NJ

“From bid through punch list, Allied was timely in all phases of contract execution and responsive to all questions from my office and our design team.  Fabrication and construction is high quality, with an attention to detail. Allied also went “above and beyond” in helping us with our way finding unveiling ceremony and for assisting us with other tasks outside their scope of work”

Borough of Keyport, NJ

“They worked diligently to satisfy all of the Boroughs requirements and completed all timelines promptly.  Overall, the project was completed prior to our deadline and all work was conducted without any disturbances to our local residents  and establishments.  I would highly recommend Allied to your community.”

City of Newark, NJ

“Allied was timely in all phases of contract execution, and responsive to all questions and contract requests from my office.  Fabrication and construction was of high quality, with attention to detail.  In short, Allied and its courteous professional staff made this project run very smoothly.”